Energoatom is the First State Owned Enterprise in Ukraine that Prepared a Non-financial Report of the Company Based on GRI Standards

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NNEGC Energoatom publishes the Non-financial report of the Company for 2016. It is the first specific Non-financial report in Ukraine, which was prepared by the state enterprise according to GRI standards as required by Directive 2014/95/EU of the European Parliament from enterprises of the EU member states.

Non-financial report of the Company it is not only a printed document in English and Ukrainian, but also a bilingual interactive version of the report to be presented on the web site:

The Non-financial report comprises:

  • 40 general standard components and 39 specific standard components of reporting  according to international guidelines GRI (rev. G4);
  • Consideration of 17 UN sustainable development goals;
  • 39 data tables, 24 graphs and diagrams;
  • 37 infographics and 3 organizational charts.

‘It is no coincidence that such report has been issued by our company’, Yurii Nedashkovskyi, the President of Energoatom, is convinced. ‘In 2016, the year reported, Energoatom celebrated 20th anniversary. For the 20 years the Company managed to do a lot. Our nuclear power plant generated more than 1.7 trillion kWh (e), the amount of the taxes paid exceeded UAH 51 billion; we had not a single radiation incident or event that would challenge high level of Ukrainian NPPs’ safety for those 20 years. Currently, Energoatom annually contributes  80-90 billion kWh (e) into the economy, thereby providing more than 55 per cent of public and industry in this country with electricity’.   

Main priorities of the Company that pervade the report are as follows: assuring of the   high safety level, reliable electricity supply, strengthening of the energy security openness and transparency, as well as contribution into the social and economic development of Ukraine. ‘At our report we tried to show in the most comprehensive manner the effect of our daily activity on the economy and environment, on personnel and local public, as well as the approaches applied by the Company in the area of safety culture and management”, Yurii Nedashkovskyi noted.

For instance, the Non-financial report for the first time analyzed contribution of Energoatom into achievement of 17 UN sustainable development goals, identified the nearest steps on establishment of integrated management system of sustainable development issues, and revealed fixed principles of interaction with stakeholders.  

Danila Lavrenov, the project coordinator and deputy director of the Center for External Information Communications, notes, ‘Preparation of the Non-financial report allowed Energoatom to qualitatively analyze mechanisms of information compilation available in the Company; to determine aspects of top priority for assessment and management of Non-financial influence of the Company in the short and long-term. Moreover, the report became the first systemic step of the Company on the way of integration of the uniform approaches for  comparison of its activities with the goals of sustainable development and development of  Energoatom’s uniform policy in the field of corporate social development that should be comprehensible both for the Company’s employees, and for the stakeholders.’ 

Non-financial Report 2016 of NNEGC “Energoatom”