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SS “DO "Atomprylad” (SS "Energoefektyvnist" till September, 2014) personnel have been working in the field of special energy instrumentation since 1969.

Besides the main construction department, experts in the field of standardization, metrology, and information technologies are working in the subdivision’s structure; also there is a production center geared to produce experimental (pilot) new technology samples, single run of up-to-date products.

The specification of small-scale production allows operatively rebuilding it to produce various products to the needs of customers.

Lately SS “Energoefektyvnist” performed a number of developmental works with adjustment for production of new types of production, including import-substituting ones, which are also used both for equipping new energy objects as well as for repair works and modernization of existing nuclear power plants and thermal power plants.

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In 2011 the developmental work on the creation of domestic units of VVER-100 TEN pressurizers has completed. SS “Atomenergomash” has mastered a serial production of these products, which allowed “Energoatom” to carry out the replacement program for obsolete units of tubular electric heaters, significantly reducing import expenditures. As a part of this work, a stand was created where each block of TEN pressurizer is passing thermal and hydrotesting before being sent to NPP.

18 different modifications of samples and measurements preparation system were developed, produced and implemented, which is the basic element of automatic chemical control of water chemistry of 1st and 2nd reactor loop of nuclear unit with VVER. For today, samples preparation systems are successfully operated at nuclear units of Khmelnytska NPP, Rivne NPP, Taiwan NPP, Bushehr NPP, Kudankulam NPP. Elements of samples preparation system, like hot water converter or water-to-water heat exchanger, or flowcells may be delivered by individual order.

One of the directions of work is the creation and production of LED light sources which are characterized by small energy consumption and long-term exploitation (at least 50 000 hours), which is especially important in light areas with special regime, inaccessible work areas.

Nowadays the final stages of work on the production of five types of channels to control vibration and mechanical quantities are being held (absolute vibrations of bearing supports, axial deflections, shaft vibration, instantaneous value of gap, linear displacements). Mentioned equipment is import-substituting. Embodiment of converters allows using them offline, as well as in the systems of equipment of a higher level. This production will be supplied after its inclusion to the Single register of measuring instruments of Ukraine (III quarter, 2014).

In 2013 construction documentation on test complex for calibration check of pilot safety equipment impulse operated valves of pressurizers, used in VVER-1000, which will be exploited at Zaporizhzhya NPP, were developed.

One of the areas of scientific and technological work is harmonization of regulations for the operation of nuclear power plants. 26 industry standards were developed jointly with the State Inspection for Nuclear Regulation of Ukraine.

SS “Energoefektyvnist” has experience in developing non-standard bench-test equipment for hardware specifications after repair.

More information about the products of SS “Energoefektyvnist” may be found in the special sections in the Product Catalogue or upon request. 

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