EBRD's experts visited South Ukraine NPP

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On April 21, 2017 representatives of ‘Deloitte & Touche’, from the U.S. and Ukraine, paid a working visit to South Ukraine NPP. Being responsible consultants and experts, they were involved in provision of services in the framework of the EBRD’s Project ‘Ukraine: Energoatom- Corporate Sustainable Development’.

‘Deloitte & Touche’ was employed by the EBRD for development of NNEGC ‘Energoatom’ ’ s  corporatization plan. Change of the type of management, i.e. corporatization of the Company, was one of the conditions of the Loan Agreement signed in 2013 between Energoatom and the EBRD.

The Consultant has 18 months to perform the work entrusted. Till February, 2018 the experts will have to develop a Roadmap, based on which the type of the Company’s governance will be changed. It will take 6 more months to put it into life.  

 In the course of work, representatives of ‘Deloitte & Touche’ expressed a wish to get acquainted with the operation of one of the Energoatom’s sites. South Ukraine NPP was chosen for this purpose.  The experts visited facilities of the power complex, including NPP  power units,  and HPS-HPSPS cascade. After the visit the experts concluded that the safety level of the enterprise and the employees’ qualification were high.    

In the course of communication between foreign experts and representatives of South Ukraine NPP the importance of consideration of social aspects in the course of corporate development was emphasized. It was also stressed that there was a need in timely and comprehensive informing of the NPP staff and public in the NPPs’ satellite towns on the main stages of that process.

‘Process of Energoatom’s corporatization shall be considered as change of the legal framework,’ emphasized Kendrick Wentzel.– It is not privatization. Not even corporatization   to the full extent, since the Company’s equity will remain 100% state-owned. At that, Energoatom will get additional opportunities to attract international investments  

Background Information. South Ukraine NPP, a separate subdivision  of SE NNEGC ‘Energoatom’,  is located on the banks of the Southern Buh river  in the town of Yuzhnoukrainsk in Mykolaiv oblast.  It is a part of  the South Ukraine Power Complex.

The power complex comprises South Ukraine NPP (3 nuclear power units of VVER-1000 type, with the total capacity of 3000 MW), Oleksandrivska HPS  located on the Southern Buh river (2 hydropower units, with the total capacity of 11.5MW) and Tashlyk HPSPS (the first stage of the plant has been commissioned, including 2 storage pumps, with the total generating capacity of 320 MW, the second stage, i.e. storage pump #3, is under construction).