Energoatom initiates measures on ecological rehabilitation of the Southern Buh river

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State Enterprise “National Nuclear Energy Generating Company “Energoatom” initiates measures on rehabilitation of the Southern Buh, in particular, to clean small rivers in Mykolaiv region. A letter to the Chairman of Mykolaiv regional state administration Oleksandr Stadnik signed by the Acting President of the company Petro Kotin contains proposal to make corresponding amendments to the “Program for the Development of Water Resources in Mykolaiv Region for 2020-2021”. The appeal was caused by the situation in the Southern Buh basin in recent years.

The letter, in particular, notes that, starting in 2015, the water level in the river began to fall. The water content decrease is explained by negative changes in the ecological state of water resources, global causes associated with climate warming, and local causes related to human activities. During hot periods of the year under low water content, the anthropogenic load on the river flow increases resulted from an increase in water intake for household needs.

Nuclear workers emphasize that the environmental and economic problems must be solved at a qualitatively new level, in accordance with significant changes in the nature of environmental management, the concept of water resources development, taking into account world experience in managing natural complexes.

The appeal emphasizes that due to the water shortage, it is not only the stability of operation of Oleksandrivka HPP, Tashlyk PSPP and South-Ukraine NPP that is under threat (for example, during 2015-2019, the hydraulic units of OHPP did not operate for 380 days).

Energoatom is convinced: improvement of the situation is possible due to the purification of small rivers. On the territory of Mykolaiv region, such are the Kodym and the Bakshala rivers, which directly flow into Oleksandrivka reservoir*. This will increase the flow of water to 30 m3/s.

“According to the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union, Ukraine is obliged to introduce European standards in the field of water resources management, protection and pollution control. The “Program for the Development of the Water Resources in Mykolaiv Region for 2020-2021” was approved by the decision of Mykolaiv Regional Council of December 21, 2018 No. 35, but, unfortunately, the program does not include measures on purification of the tributaries Kodyma and Bakshala. In view of the aforesaid, we ask you to consider the possibility to intensify work aimed at preserving and purifying small rivers, namely, to include in the “Program for the Development of Water Resources in Mykolaiv Region for 2020-2021” measures for the purification and improvement of small rivers in Mykolaiv region for ecological rehabilitation of the Southern Buh river basin and its tributaries Kodyma and Bakshala”, - stated in the letter of the Acting President of NNEGC "Energoatom" Petro Kotin to the Chairman of Mykolaiv Regional State Administration Oleksandr Stadnik.