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April 20 will be hosted International Conference “Nuclear energy – 30 years after Chernobyl”

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International Conference “Nuclear Energy – 30 Years After Chernobyl” will be hosted by SE “NNEGC “Energoatom” and Ukrainian Nuclear Forum Association in the Premier Hotel Rus, Kyiv, on April 20th 2016.

We invite companies and enterprises engaged in the energy sector, public organizations, scientists, experts as well as mass media representatives. We welcome Ukrainian state authorities’ speakers as well as world leading nuclear energy sector companies. The organizers expect the European Parliament member as well as the WANO representative to take part in the conference.

Conference themes include:

  • The influence of Chernobyl on nuclear energy sector development: international conventions on early notification of a nuclear accident, on assistance in the case of a nuclear accident, on nuclear safety, on nuclear safeguards; evolution of approaches to safety, development of safety culture etc;
  • The value of Chernobyl experience for nuclear energy sector: crisis management at ChNPP, ChNPP units decommissioning; RAW management;
  • Cernobyl accident consequences beyond ChNPP: exclusion zone, medical and environmental impacts of the accident;
  • Activities aimed at upgrading Ukrainian NPPs safety, including modification of nuclear and radioactive safety regulatory basis as well as incident response issues;
  • Nuclear energy and society: economic and social impacts; ecological factor; public communication and mass media etc;
  • Perspectives of nuclear energy further development.

Important information:

  • Call for papers

11.04.2016 – registration of speakers, speech abstract (1-2 passages) and speech title submission;

15.04.2016 – notification of speech acceptance by the Programme Committee;

18.04.2016 – registration of conference participants (participants without presentation); complete paper submission by speakers;

  • We invite proposals for 20-minute presentations;
  • The languages of the conference are Ukrainian, Russian and English;
  • To register for the Conference you should fax or e-mail to Ukrainian Nuclear Forum Association (see Organizing Committee contacts below).

Organizing Committee contacts:

Ukrainian Nuclear Forum Association: Nazarivska str., 7B, office 13, Kyiv 01032, Ukraine.

website:; e-mail:; tel./fax: 044 234 33 99

Contact person: Ms. Oksana Malanich

Download registration form