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International workshop on exchange of experience and knowledge about improvement of VVER SG inspection process, gained by NPPS and WANO-MC members (registration)

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Information Notice
WANO-MC International Workshop 

“Controland inspection strategy for VVER steam generators”

21–24 November,2016, Kiev (Ukraine)


SE “NNEGC “Energoatom” (Ukraine) and WANO-MC will be holding an international workshop on exchange of experience and knowledge aboutimprovement of VVER SG inspection process, gained by NPPs and WANO-MC members. The workshop will be held in compliance with WANO-MC action plan for 2016.

The workshop will be hosted by SE “NNEGC “Energoatom” (Ukraine).

Workshop’s venue and participants’ accomodation:

The workshop will be held during 22-23 November, 2016 in Kiev (Ukraine), at “ALFAVITO”hotel, st.Predslavinskaya 35-d (see the attached file).

Workshop objective:exchange of experience and knowledge,gained by NPPs and WANO-MC members, regarding improvement of VVER SG inspection process.



We invite NPP experts as well as WANO-MC member organizations experienced in:

  • monitoring and forecasting processes, whichdefine VVER SG residual design service life;
  • elaborating technical means on extension of SG design service life.

We also would be glad to see everyone eager to share his/her achievements in the above mentioned sphere.

Expected number of participants: 20-25 people.

Suggested topics for discussion include topics offered by SE “NNEGC “Energoatom” and WANO-MC secretariat.They are the following:

  1. Damage of SG heat-exchanging tubes is an important factor, which defines SG residual design service life:
    1. methods, periodicity and scope of metal inspection of SG heat-exchanging tubes;
    2. equipment for eddy current nondestructive testing of SG heat-exchanging tubes;
    3. improvement of eddy current nondestructive testing methodology;
    4. optimization of criteria of heat-exchanging tube plugging;
    5. monitoring and forecasting of degradation processes using modern statistical approaches and risk assessment. Probabilistic approach to management of design service life of SG heat-exchanging tubes;
    6. types of corrosion damage of SG heat-exchanging tubes, caused by deposits in SG heat-exchanging tubes, namely by compounds of copper, sulfur, chloride, arsenic powder, lead, etc.;
    7. deposit-building mechanisms on SG heat-exchanging tubes, efficient methods of their control and elimination;
    8. parameters of SG strength and leakshydro-testing, impact of hydro tests on speed of defect growth of SG heat-exchanging tubes;
  2. Diagnostics, periodicity and scope of metal inspection of SG collector. Technical means to extend the operational life of SG collector:
  1. objective methods of registration and analysis of eddy current testing results of collector bridges’ integrity;
  2. database for storage of inspection results, analysis of inspection results and information about completed inspections of SG collector’s integrity;
  3. reduction of dose rates during inspection of collector’s metal; periodicity and scope of inspection;
  1. Vulnerability of SG components:
    1. dissimilar weld joints problems (composite weld joints). New methods of inspection and monitoring of SG collector’s dissimilar weld joints;
    2. corrosive impurity  ingress to secondary coolant under violation of primary water chemistry guidelines;
    3. contamination of SG collector’s “pockets”;
    4. removal of copper-bearing equipment from condensate-feed pipeline;
    5. chemical and physical characteristics of environment, contributing to development of  corrosion damage. Utilization of corrective ingredients in secondary coolant, such as organic amines, compounds of lithium and their impact on corrosion speed.
  2. Means of SG rinse:
  1. means of dissolving ferrous oxides and copper;
  2. evaluation of salts hide-out in SG slits and elimination of salts from the SG;
  3. methods of sludge removal from SG collector’s “pockets”;
  4. increasing efficiency of chemical and mechanical rinse of SG.


Participants of the workshop are welcome to add additional topics for discussion.

Working languages: Russian and English.SE “NNEGC “Energoatom”will provideinterpreting services.


Every participant is expected to deliver a presentation at the workshop. Thus, a participant should type his/her presentation topic in the application form. Filled in application forms are requested to be sent to workshop coordinators until October 10th, 2016.

The duration of each presentation shouldn’t be more than 30 minutes (interpretation and discussion included).

Electronic versions of presentations are requested to be presented in Russian and/or English languages.

Electronic versions of presentations are requested to be sent to workshop coordinators until November 1th, 2016 in order to prepare sets of documents for each of the participants on time.

Draft workshop program:

21November, 2016


Arrival toKiev, hotel check-in.

Participants travelling by train get to hotel “Alfavito” by themselves. Hotel check-in at 14:00. If earlier check-in is needed, please, inform the workshop coordinators beforehand.

“Alfavito” hotel address: Kiev, st.Predslavinskaya 35-d

tel. +38 (044) 220 45 77

metro station: “PalatsUkrayina” (blue line)

email: (see the attached map)




8:45meeting in “Alfavito” hotel lobby


9:00 Opening session. Delivery and discussion of presentations.




9:00 Delivery of presentations. Discussion of suggestions for a meeting protocol. Closing the workshop.





first part of the day

Departure of participants.

We would like to ask you to schedule your departure from “ Alfavito” hotel until12:00(midday).


Travel expenses, accommodation and meals costs:

WANO-MC covers accommodation costs of WANO-MC members.

WANO-MC covers travel expenses of WANO-MC members. Sending companies cover daily allowances of WANO-MC members.

Members of other organizations (not WANO members) cover accommodation costs and travel expenses by themselves.

SE “NNEGC “Energoatom” will assist in getting visas if necessary.

On November21th, 2016 SE “NNEGC “Energoatom” will transfer participants from “Borispol” airport to “Alfavito” hotel. On November 24nd 2016 SE “NNEGC “Energoatom” will transfer participants from “Alfavito” hotel to “Borispol” airport.

Please, fill in the application form (MS Word format) and send it to the workshop coordinators of WANO-MC and SE “NNEGC “Energoatom” until September 15th, 2016 totheir emails: We have set this deadline to manage all visa and organization issues.

You can find application form for workshop participation on WANO-MC site (


WANO-MC workshop coordinator:

Dmitry Iablokov
tel: + 7 495 967 38 02
fax: + 7 495 376 08 97

SE “NNGC “Energoatom”workshop coordinators:

Lyudmila Yakushka (organization issues)
tel:    +380 44 277 78 75
fax: +380 44 277 79 75

Alexander Arkhipenko, Chief of Chemical Technology Department, Executive Directorate for Production (topics of the workshop)
tel:    +380 44 277 78 96

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