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Energoatom jointly with Ukrenergo carried out tests of ZNPP unit 2 for entrance to ancillary services market.

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On April 16 and 17, at Zaporizhzhya NPP, specialists of SE NNEGC Energoatom and PJSC NPC Ukrenergo carried out  tests of unit 2 for ancillary frequency maintenance reserve services provision to the transmission system operator in the amount of +/- 20 MW.

The tests should confirm the compliance of ZNPP power unit 2 with the requirements of the Transmission System Code in order to obtain a certificate entitling Energoatom to introduce its first power unit to the ancillary services market.

This is a crucial stage of the Unified power system of Ukraine preparation for integration with the Unified European continental power system.

On April 17, from 00:00 to 18:00, the Zaporizhzhya NPP power unit 2 was unloaded to a capacity of 600 MW. Once the tests have been completed, under the scheduled procedures, the unit was returned to rated capacitance and is in operation in a normal mode now.

Upon processing the test results, the conformity assessment body will make a technical report regarding the unit’s capacity to provide ancillary services. The next stage is obtaining a certificate by ZNPP unit 2 and putting it on the Register of ancillary service providers, following which Energoatom will be able to enter the ancillary services market.

Formerly, NPC Ukrenergo researched on generator excitation and load-frequency control systems of domestic NPPs. The test results are used by specialists to create a mathematical model of the Unified power system of Ukraine.


For reference: To ensure the sustainable and reliable operation of the Unified power system of Ukraine, the transmission system operator uses ancillary services. In the ancillary services market, the transmission system operator purchases and uses ancillary services unilaterally on a competitive basis.

Ancillary services may be purchased or used for days, weeks, months, quarters and years. To provide ancillary services, a market participant should be registered by the Transmission system operator as its supplier. In order to do this, he should carry out equipment testing to confirm compliance with the requirements of the Transmission System Code for ancillary services provision.