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Energoatom supports professional growth and equal opportunities for women in nuclear

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Energoatom along with the non-profit organization WiN Ukraine presented the «Women’s professional growth in Nuclear» program at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant site. This event was the third in a series of events organized for the successful self-realization of female nuclear workers. The attendees of the seminar-forum were given a fascinating interactive lecture on the peculiarities of leadership in the modern world and the role of women in its development. During the practical part held by the head coach, ZNPP female specialists had the opportunity to learn about effective methods of cooperation and interaction in the chosen area.

The seminar-forum was attended by representatives of the Energoatom’s Head Office and the non-profit organization WiN Ukraine, as well as the management of Zaporizhzhya NPP, trade unions and representatives of the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, which is the partner of the event. The attendees were acquainted with the addresses of the leading speakers of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the Atomic Trade Union, as well as experts and ambassadors of WIN Ukraine.

According to WIN Ukraine Director for International Cooperation and Regional Development Natalia Klos, WIN Ukraine's mission is to unite industry professionals despite existing stereotypes that the nuclear industry is an exclusively male sphere, and to promote gender balance in line with current global trends.

«The scale of the Zaporizhzhya NPP implies a similar scale of the way to achieve the «golden» gender balance. Currently, we see a strong proactive position of the plant management, the Atomic Trade Union and the ambassadors supporting this movement. We also managed to establish a dialogue with nuclear power female workers as well as feel the leadership qualities and desire to develop professionally,» said Ms. Klos.

Acting General Director of Zaporizhzhya NPP Dmytro Verbytskyi noted that at the nuclear power plant special attention has always been paid to women’s professional growth.

«The dynamic development of any company in today's realities is impossible without ensuring equal rights for women and men. Running such events is of utmost importance to achieve this goal. I would like to emphasize that 3738 women work at Zaporizhzhya NPP, which is 33% of the staff, while 183 women hold management positions, including senior ones. I am confident that today we will make a significant contribution to the implementation of Energoatom's Gender Policy, and I hope for the further development of this platform,» noted Mr. Verbytskyi.

Renata Yaresko, the head of public relations of Energoatom’s Communications Department, stressed that the successful development of any company is impossible without gender balance and noted with pleasure that Energoatom pays great attention to increasing the occupational prestige in the nuclear industry.

«We are constantly working with partners, civil society and discussing why gender balance and equal career opportunities are so important for nuclear power female workers. Currently, our project covered the third site – Zaporizhzhya NPP, the largest nuclear power plant in Europe and Ukraine. And I am glad to note that, first of all, gender policy is not a declarative document for the Company, but real actions. Secondly, this project is valuable because the voice of highly skilled female workers (and there are simply no others in the Company) is heard and taken into account. Energoatom is a leader in the nuclear industry in compliance with gender principles. We should keep on serving as an example, not only in our industry, but also for the whole country,» said Ms. Yaresko.

41 active female employees of Zaporizhzhya NPP took part in today's event. The next seminar-forum will take place on October 18 this year at the site of the South-Ukrainian nuclear power plant.