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IAEA inspection underway at Zaporizhzhya NPP

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12 to 28 March 2021, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors are holding a regular scheduled inspection of unit 1 being under interim scheduled repair and the spent nuclear fuel dry storage facility (SFDSF).

IAEA inspectors are checking nuclear materials in the cooling pond at the power unit before shipping spent fuel assemblies (SFA) to the SFDSF site along with maintenance of IAEA observing systems. At the storage site, metal seals will be installed on ventilated storage containers (VSC-WWER) to come from the power unit 1and between them, as well as accounting, operating and reporting documents will be inspected.

The inspection is undergoing within the framework of the international Agreement between Ukraine and the IAEA in pursuance of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons and is aimed at undeclared nuclear material checking.

Zaporizhzhya NPP has its own storage facility for SNF, which has been in operation since 2001. No problems occurred with its operation over 20 years. Safety reassessment as well as IAEA inspections of SNF storage at ZNPP are carried out regularly and the conclusions of previous inspections were positive. The next IAEA inspection is expected to be conducted at the Central Spent Fuel Storage Facility this spring.

For reference: Zaporizhzhia NPP is the largest power facility in Ukraine and in Europe with installed capacity of 6000 MW. The first power unit was put into operation in 1984, the second - in 1985, the third - in 1986, the fourth - in 1987, the fifth - in 1989, the sixth - in 1995. Since 1984, the contribution of Zaporizhzhya NPP to the country's power industry has increased from 2% to 23%.

ZNPP generates into unified energy system almost 40 percent of all electricity produced by Ukrainian nuclear power plants and one-fifth of the country’s total electricity production.