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Rivne NPP checked by IAEA inspection for compliance with international safety guarantees

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Being the operator of all existing nuclear power plants in Ukraine, Energoatom demonstrates full openness and transparency of work processes and continues active cooperation with the most credible international organizations which monitor nuclear safety across the globe.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) recently completed an inspection of Rivne NPP for compliance with nuclear non-proliferation guarantees. The inspectors stated that the Ukrainian side fully complied with its international obligations.

During the Post PIV (Physical inventory verification), the IAEA representatives involving engineers of the nuclear fuel laboratory of Rivne NPP nuclear safety department inspected the spent nuclear fuel in the power unit 2 cooling pond as well as installed electronic seals on the reactor hood, overlap plates and transport channel between the cooling pond and power unit 2 reactor.

Vitaliy Shumyk, the head of RNPP nuclear safety department, confirmed that upon the inspection completion, the results were discussed and the dates of the next inspections were agreed: "It has been proven that nuclear materials intended for peaceful purposes have not been used for the production of nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices. The IAEA scheduled inspection was held in due time, in full and without complaint."

The IAEA inspectors also checked the nuclear fuel in the fresh nuclear fuel storage facility of units 1 and 2 for compliance with the stated criteria for U-235 fuel enrichment.

Formerly, the scheduled inspection conducted by IAEA inspectors was successfully passed by South- Ukraine and Zaporizhzhya NPPs.